The Firm

Chieregato Architecture and Engineering Firm in Verona

It is a structure of tradition and experience consolidated by over thirty-five years of successful professional activity extended in every sector, in all fields of Real Estate, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Urban Planning and Evaluation.

The firm was founded in 1985 by Giorgio Chieregato, who developed its training and dynamism, dedicating himself until 2008 to the profession of surveyor.

From the experience acquired and integrated with his university studies, Giorgio Chieregato firstly obtained his Degree in Territorial Planning in 2008 and then his Degree in Civil Engineering in 2011.

In 2014, the study reached the goal of 30 years of professional activity, looking ahead, strong of our values and of the results achieved, increasingly convinced of our choice, based on activities and services, which thanks to the solid knowledge of best practices combines a finalized work, tailored to each specific client's need. "We don't do everything, but we continue to do better what we have always done."

In the firm, came on board Fabio Chieregato, who graduated in Civil Engineering in 2015 and then obtained his Master's Degree in Civil Engineering in 2017.

During the preparation of the Master Thesis, Fabio Chieregato completed an training internship at the Global Product Innovation Department (GPI) of Italcementi - Heidelberg Group - i.lab - Kilometro Rosso (BG), started with previous research collaborations undertaken with the University of Brescia, with the testing under tensile stress of high strength SFRC/PFRC samples in strain control.

The research collaboration has been based on the experimental study of the post crack behavior of fiber-reinforced concrete, determining the material’s response to static stress and the relative material laws in a direct way.

Matteo Chieregato joined the team, who graduated in Architecture in 2017 and then obtained his Master’s Degree in Architecture in 2020.

During the preparation of the Master Thesis, Matteo Chieregato performed a complete study of the complex of buildings in Venice that constitute the “Istituto Ciliota”, ex “monastery of Saints Rocco and Margherita” annexed to homonymous church, in “Sestiere S. Marco” in “Calle delle Muneghe” between “Calle delle Botteghe” and “Rio del Duca”, close to “Campo S. Stefano”.

The restauration project has been carried with the support of an historical analysis, the execution of photogrammetric survey and subsequent photographic straightening in order to perform the material analysis and degradation process, by means of sophisticated instrumentation giving the best scientific rigor possible to the next architectural restoration.

The result is a harmonic comparison between the multiple conservative aspects that enhance the existing of the complex built in the 15th century.


The Chieregato architecture and engineering firm headquarter is in Verona, where it operates and carries out its activities with private clients, companies and public entities in Italy and abroad, in all sectors of real estate, construction, architecture, engineering, urban planning, evaluation, interior and exterior design.

The organization of the firm aims to the principles of economy, creativity, functionality, solidity, harmony and beauty. It takes care of all the integrated activities necessary for the realization of the project: the technical-preliminary analysis of feasibility, the economic-financial-tax assessment, the acquisition of all the preventive data, the drafting activities, the preparation of specifications and contracts, the consultancy about the choice of companies and suppliers,

the general coordination with other technicians and all the components involved in the realization of the project. to the economic-financial-tax assessment, to the collection and acquisition of all the preventive data, to the graphic drafting of the data, to the drawing up of the specifications and contracts, to the consultancy in the choice of companies and suppliers, to the general coordination with other technicians and of all the components involved in the realization of the project.

Through advanced and innovative software or experimental methodologies used in the design and work management, by means of complex and innovative processes, the target is to rationalize the development, organization and control of the quality and reliability of the project.